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Celebrating My Twilight Anniversay with Midnight Sun and the Playlists

Disclaimer: I’m a huge Twilight nerd. If you didn’t know that, now you do. And if you don’t like reading gushy fangirl stuff, you can skip this one. I posted this on Team Fireball’s Facebook page a few hours ago … Continue reading

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Permanent Alien Resident

I’ve mentioned only several hundred times before how I feel different than everyone else. The way I conduct my day-to-day life, the things I’m interested in, the things everyone else seems to like but I don’t, my reactions and opinions … Continue reading

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Japan Again

It’s official! WE’RE GOING BACK TO JAPAN. Again. The first time was 10 days, last time was 15 days, this time… over TWO MONTHS! This is super exciting, you guys. And also extremely stressful and difficult when it comes to … Continue reading

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The 10 Films Challenge

Yep, it’s another viral Facebook challenge. Maybe this one wasn’t as popular as the Black & White Photo Challenge from 2017 – I only had a few friends participating in it. That could be perhaps because there was a very … Continue reading

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I have a few friends with whom I commiserate about the struggles of daily living and desires to grow and be a better person – you know, girl friends – and a couple of them are super into Rachel Hollis … Continue reading

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The Second 30 (Plus 1)

In true kmah fashion, it’s been a year and I’m just now getting around to continuing… On with my daily breakdown of 100 Happy Days… (Part 1 here.) When I first heard about the new live-action Ghost in the Shell … Continue reading

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I Know Better

I wonder what ever happened to that young, idealistic girl I used to be that would say shit like ‘you gotta talk out your feelings ‘cause they’ll just fester and drive you crazy’ and would laugh at songs like Simon … Continue reading

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The Black and White Challenge

Almost everyone on the external side of the proverbial rock probably encountered this challenge on Facebook. The rules were fairly simple – for 7 days, post one picture a day in black and white that relates somehow to your life. … Continue reading

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Dark Spaces ~ The 9th Tattoo

I guess I should finally get around to writing something about my most recent tattoo, since I keep saying I will. It’s not even new anymore. I got it in April of last year. There was a Twilight event that … Continue reading

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kmah’s Tips

I have a tip for you. Or maybe it’s a request. In general, please be kind. Being an asshole doesn’t serve a higher purpose. Ever. More specifically, when you visit a restaurant, please be aware of your own mood and … Continue reading

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