Celebrating My Twilight Anniversay with Midnight Sun and the Playlists

Disclaimer: I’m a huge Twilight nerd. If you didn’t know that, now you do. And if you don’t like reading gushy fangirl stuff, you can skip this one.

I posted this on Team Fireball’s Facebook page a few hours ago and thought I’d share here too, since the Twilight section of my blog gets no love anymore.

It was exactly 9 years ago today that I joined the Twilight fandom. Yeah, I had a VERY late start… but I think the force of my love more than makes up for that. 😀 (For those of you who are interested in that type of story, it’s detailed here.)

But here we are, many years later, and I’m just as invested as I was back then. And, just like a million other Twilight fans (Way to go, Stephenie!), I am fully immersed in NEW CONTENT – pressing pause on regular life to live in TwiLand while I read Midnight Sun. What a way to celebrate my anniversary!

I love seeing all the posts from my friends and fellow fans about their thoughts on Midnight Sun and I’m ecstatic to be able to discuss it at length again with so many people. I like seeing pictures and hearing stories of people wrapped up in their Edward blankets, headphones on listening to the soundtracks, wearing their favourite Twilight t-shirts. Being a ‘nerd’ never felt so fun.

Since I love to talk about all things Twilight and find out how other people bask in their TwiLove – tell me about your thoughts and experiences with reading the new book. Are you finished or still reading? (Or still waiting for your copy to arrive?) Did you like it? LOVE it? Hate it?! Not sure? LOL. What did you do while you were reading? What did you listen to? Did you have to juggle the real world at the same time or were you able to shut yourself away with no distractions?

As for me, I’m about ¾ done reading. I still have work and other things going on so I haven’t been able to devote every waking moment, like I would like to. I also have to pause frequently to just put the book down, close my eyes, and absorb everything and organize my own thoughts, so it’s slow going. I started out listening to the soundtracks as accompaniment but I’ve switched to the Midnight Sun Playlist.

Some of you might already be aware of my appreciation for the book playlists – the music Stephenie used as inspiration during her writing process, which she shared in both the Illustrated Guide and on her website. And because I’m a hoarder and organizer, I made a specific blog that covers the entire thing (and the soundtracks), ‘cause… that’s how I roll. I just finished adding all the new songs for Midnight Sun. I think it’s pretty great. Haha. Each song has its own post with the artist and album info and the lyrics and I’m working on adding YouTube links for everything now too. Stephenie hasn’t yet shared the accompanying quotes that go with the songs for MS yet but all the previous songs for the other books all have those quotes included too. If that’s your thing, take a look.

Who has listened to the new playlist? (Stephenie shared it on her website earlier this week.) What do you think? Which songs are your favourites?

Share with me so I can fangirl with you!

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