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The 10 Films Challenge

Yep, it’s another viral Facebook challenge. Maybe this one wasn’t as popular as the Black & White Photo Challenge from 2017 – I only had a few friends participating in it. That could be perhaps because there was a very … Continue reading

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Team Jack Podcast

Part of what got me into being an “active” participant in the Twilight fandom, rather than just a lurker, was listening to the Team Jack podcast. I started late in the game (as I do with most things) and began … Continue reading

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Top 10 Christmas Movies

I’m supposed to be packing to leave at 5am tomorrow… Flying to my parent’s place for a super quick Christmas visit. But, I hate packing. So I made a list instead! These are the 10 best Christmas movies as determined … Continue reading

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15 Films That Will Always Stick with Me

No one tagged me, but I kept seeing it and wondered how hard it would be. So I tried. It was hard. And I totally cheated, because it took me an hour and a half. I just can’t operate any other way. “The rules: … Continue reading

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