Back-Up Blog

I made this WordPress account a long time ago. Then I forgot to use it. I have too many blogs.

I finally decided on a purpose for this one awhile back. My main personal blog was hacked awhile back and I get spam-like messages showing up as drafts. It’s annoying.

SO~ I’m slowly slowly copying all the posts from all my various other (non-music) blogs to here to be together in one place. It will take me awhile to recreate everything and I apologize to those that are “following” me (although I immensely appreciate you reading my words!) and are getting a whack of email alerts every time I post a bunch of old stuff. Bear with me please.

In the meantime, go to these sites: (These are the ones that I’m copying from.) – personal rambling thoughts and reflections – Twilight/fanfiction obsession related – Japan travel – Hong Kong travel