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NYC Christmas Aftermath

I’m writing this almost a year and a half after the fact… I was just doing some clean-up on my blog to try and clear some space (unsuccessfully – ended up using more ) and realized I said I was … Continue reading

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K+J’s Magical Romantic Christmas in New York

I was going to do a daily post while we are on our Christmas vacation, but I don’t have my computer with me and posting from my iPad or phone is pretty much impossible. Instead, I will put up all … Continue reading

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I love words. I really do. I love language and linguistics and syntax and diction. English is great because there are so many different words to say just what you mean. You can sift through dozens of words to find … Continue reading

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I have an obsessive personality. Like, hardcore. I fixate on things to the point where whatever it is completely absorbs me and actually disrupts my life. You would think because of that, that I would be into all kinds of different fandoms. But … Continue reading

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My Spirit Home

One of my favourite TV shows is a documentary show from NHK (Japan’s major international broadcast station) called Japanology (started out as Begin Japanology – now called Japanology Plus). Each week, a new topic dealing with some aspect of Japanese … Continue reading

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5 Things

There are an abundance of things I absolutely love about Japan (obviously) and also some things I don’t like. Just for fun, here are 5 things from each list, particularly from this last trip… Things I love about Japan: toilets – heated seats, … Continue reading

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Twilight Car Bingo

Remember when I made up my Six Degrees of Rob game? That’s not the only Twilight-related game I play by myself when I’m bored. The other one I made up when I was in college and taking the bus back … Continue reading

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