The 10 Films Challenge

Yep, it’s another viral Facebook challenge. Maybe this one wasn’t as popular as the Black & White Photo Challenge from 2017 – I only had a few friends participating in it. That could be perhaps because there was a very similar one from a few years back. The first one was 15 movies and it was just a list in one post. This one sort of combines the original movie challenge and the black and white challenge.

The rules are basically the same as the photo challenge – post one picture a day for 10 days and offer no information. As usual, you’re supposed to tag a new player each time. (And as usual, I ignored that part.)

Again, my blog, my rules ~ so you get the extra info as to why I chose these. And also why I strategically started on the day I did.

Day 1: Spirited Away

spirited away

My second favourite movie of all time. The very first Studio Ghibli movie I saw, which introduced me to a whole new collection. Without Ghibli, my world would be missing much of its magic.

Day 2: Being John Malkovich

being john malkovich.jpg

Granted, I haven’t seen this movie for years (Time for a rewatch!) but when I first saw it, I was enthralled with the idea of entering someone else’s mind and living their life, seeing what they see, sensing everything they sense. I have come back to this idea time and time again. It’s something I’ve tried to explain when I talk about how everybody has a unique view.

Day 3: The Princess Bride

princess bride.JPG

Another favourite. Like the grandfather says to wee Fred Savage, ‘it has a little bit of everything’ – action, adventure, romance, comedy, fairytale, fantasy, magic. And some of the best quotes ever!

Day 4: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

crouching tiger.JPG

Another gateway movie. I wouldn’t say this one started an obsession but it definitely fell into it. The fact that it was a mainstream hit was nice because it made a lot of subsequent releases from China much easier to obtain. It’s also another favourite of mine that has a good blend of action, fantasy, and romance. And my favourite quote – “I would rather be a ghost drifting by your side as a condemned soul than enter heaven without you.”

Day 5: What Dreams May Come

what dreams may come.JPG

This movie single-handedly convinced me that suicide is probably not a good idea. Kept me hanging around a lot longer than I planned. (Kind of … curious and slightly distressing that the star of the movie ultimately committed suicide himself.) There are actually quite a few really big ideas in this one that 15 year old me really took to heart and thought pretty deeply about and that I still hold to this day. I believe the idea that we create our own realities and ‘the afterlife’ will probably be also of our own creation and unique to each of us.

Day 6: Anne of Green Gables


The nerdy part of me loves the period/literary side of this movie. I’m also a fan of the love story. But the main reason this title is on the list is because my best friend in junior high, Meaghan, and I were obsessed with it. Neither of us felt that we fit in well with our contemporary peers and something about our (maybe somewhat self-made) ‘outsider’ status made us gravitate towards both the period and Anne’s ‘romantic’ sensibilities.

Day 7: You’ve Got Mail

you've got mail.jpg

From a superficial standpoint, I just love this movie. Straight up guilty pleasure. But, like the last one, means something a little bit more to me. My best friend in high school, Tara, and I had a weak spot for super girly, over-the-top romcoms. We watched them all together. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as a duo were the epitome of the genre and this movie came out right when we were all about it. I miss my friend.  😢
There’s also an aesthetic of NYC in the 90s that I will always love. (Think Friends.)

Day 8: E.T.


In my top 5 of all time favourites. Actually, it was number one for many years. I ADORE this movie. I was only 2 when it came out but I remember all the merchandise around my house. (We even had a bottle of ET bubble bath and I remember twisting his head off. Very weird.) I think it was the first VHS we ever owned too, when my parents finally caved and bought a VCR. It’s almost always been a part of my life. I love it for the purity and for the nostalgia and the 80s aesthetic and for the magic and the story.

Day 9: Original Star Wars Trilogy

star wars.JPG

Like with many beloved trilogies (or sagas…), it’s impossible for me to pick a favourite so I’m including the original trilogy as one long movie. Similarly to ET, Star Wars has always been a part of my life. It’s a near perfect story that has become a legend and phenomenon.  And P.S. I love Han Solo. My first fictitious crush.

Day 10: Twilight


This should go without saying. Twilight changed my life. And it has continued to grow with me over the past 7 years. And again, I’m referring to the entire saga.

I picked today to post this one specifically because, in a few hours, I’m leaving for my (likely last) trip to Forks to do my dorky Twilight-related geeking out for 10 days. If we’re friends on Facebook or if you follow me on Instragram, look forward to those pictures. 😀

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  1. natsgonenuts says:

    Lovely list. You’ve Got Mail is my guilty pleasure too. 🙂

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