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Pre-Trip Shopping List

There are a few things I know I need to pick up before my husband and I leave for our marvellous trip to Japan~ …I just feel like I’m forgetting something… I need a new bathing suit. The one I … Continue reading

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Pre-Planned Tour vs. My Own Itinerary

The night Hubby and I decided to go to Japan, I started looking at various travel agencies and tours online… Many of them had some great things planned but none of them had everything and they all had things to do that … Continue reading

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New Blog ~ SO EXCITED!

I’ve decided to start a new blog~ I’ve been dreaming about going to Japan for years and I’m finally going! I know my crap about it will end up on the internet somehow anyway so I may as well start … Continue reading

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The End

Hi! Welcome to the very bottom of the blog. How did you get here? Did you actually scroll allllllll the way to the bottom?! Please tell me you didn’t read it ALL! (If you did, you should seek professional help. … Continue reading

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