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100 More Happy Days

This is a long, rambly post. If you’re just here for the follow info, scrolllllllll to the bottom. 🙂 In 2014, I completed the 100 Happy Days challenge. It may sound exceptionally cheesy but doing so changed my life. My … Continue reading

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Bubble Tea

This post is prompted by two things~ On my old Geocities website that I’ve mentioned a thousand times and posted copies from, I had a specific set of pages dedicated to my love of bubble tea. I had pictures (although … Continue reading

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I don’t remember when or from where I first heard of geisha but I know that I became obsessed with learning everything I could about them fairly early on in my love of all things Japanese. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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The Future

Sometimes, I have a really hard time falling asleep ~ so I tend to play word games in my head until my brain slows down or to keep it from spiralling out of control. Sometimes, instead of games, I’ll “write” … Continue reading

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A Weird Green Colour

The sky is a weird green colour. Greyish green. Slightly sickly. Seems very fitting. What’s that called when the weather matches what’s going on in a story? My brain is on low battery right now and I’m having a hard … Continue reading

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The Third Degree

I don’t like having to justify my life to other people – and yet I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to do just that. It’s not that I have some crazy lifestyle that is so … Continue reading

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