The Black and White Challenge

Almost everyone on the external side of the proverbial rock probably encountered this challenge on Facebook. The rules were fairly simple – for 7 days, post one picture a day in black and white that relates somehow to your life. They weren’t supposed to have any people or animals in them… so scenes. Scenes of your life. And you weren’t allowed to offer any explanation for your choices. And you were supposed to tag a new person to play with every post.

Yeah, well, I’m not awesome at following arbitrary rules and I hate tagging people in shit like that. I make up my own rules.

So, yeah, I followed the basic rules by posting a daily B&W of scenes from my life but I didn’t tag anyone and I didn’t even post any words at all to say I was participating in the challenge. I just posted the picture. I had a hard time narrowing it down from 30 to just 7 but these were the ones that made the cut:

The best part about having my own blog is that I have complete control and answer to no one. Therefore, if I want to offer you explanation, I can. So… I will.

I could alternately name this collection of pictures “My Favourite Things”.

Day 1: a close up of one of my newer P.F. Candles – ’cause I like the dark and I like fire and I love the smell of these candles. The avid readers of this blog (I love you! <3) will already be well aware of my difficulty with finding things I can actually stand the smell of, so to stumble across something I’m so fond of is a treat.  (This particular candle is their Teakwood & Tobacco scent.)

Day 2: rain – I thought this was an obvious choice… I adore the rain, cool temperatures, and cloudy skies. This particular picture was an outtake for Day 6 of my most recent 100 Happy Days Challenge.

Day 3: bubble tea – Another pretty obvious choice. Can never get enough bubble tea! This particular cup of tea was from Icha Tea in Toronto when I went this summer with my niece and nephew when they were visiting. Icha is cool ’cause it’s a slightly different experience from the usual BBT place. It’s like art. If you’re downtown, definitely give it a try.

Day 4: the drive to Forks – So many things I like about this picture. First of all, I took it while we were on our way to Forks in 2016 – one of my favourite vacation places. It’s also very green, and filled with trees and mist and mountains. Can’t go wrong with any of that. It also has that ‘layered’ look of depth that I love so much. Perspective is everything.

Day 5: sushi – Yet another obvious pick, right? Working at a sushi restaurant, I see a ton of the stuff but I don’t actually eat it all that often. I’m still pretty picky with what I like but the kinds I do, I really, really like. This picture is from my favourite restaurant, Sushi Inn in Yorkville in Toronto. I always get the same 2 rolls there – their spicy tuna and their kani salad. So yum. And a lot of great memories at that place too.

Day 6: shrine detail, Tōshōgū – Of course, something Japan had to be in there. This picture was taken at one of my favourite places in the entire world, Nikko, Japan, on a very rainy, very mystical day.

Day 7: sunset on First Beach – The ‘other’ of my favourite places in the world, La Push, Washington State. I like this picture a lot. People should pay me for it. 😉

Thanks to my friend Adrienne for tagging me. (Although I don’t like tagging other people, I do enjoy being included in other people’s thoughts.)

And sorry it took me a month to get to it. ….Maybe that’s why I got so few likes on the posts. Hmmm.  LOL.

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