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I’m Long-Winded

~In case you didn’t know. Whilst doing my “research”, I came across my new favourite YouTube channel, Sharla in Japan. Her videos are awesome. I guess she’s somewhat famous or something. I’m kind of mad that I’m just discovering her … Continue reading

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Wrench in the Plan

I’m sad. We went downtown (with the help of my own instructions from last time) to pick up our JR pass exchange orders and tickets to the Studio Ghibli museum. Everything went smoothly – got two 2 week exchange orders … Continue reading

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Just for fun, I took some of my friends’ favourites Twiquotes and made some “art”. LOL. I was going to add them back into the appropriate Q&As, but I decided to put them all here in their own post instead. … Continue reading

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Picky Picky

This is a quiz I did on Facebook awhile back. (Back dating this post to when it was done.) It lists 87 food items and you are to check off all you won’t eat to see how picky you are. … Continue reading

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My Really Old, Really Stupid Quiz

When I was in high school and email was a new thing, we sent around these chain letter things to each other all the time. A lot of them were quizzes you would fill out and send back. Get to know you … Continue reading

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I wrote this back in 2010 and just found it in my email. ~~~~~ I love the idea of the Japanese verb ending ~masho, meaning “let’s~” such as “tabemasho” = “let’s eat”. As Peter from J-List said, “These statements subtly … Continue reading

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