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I thought a post that linked all my Japan Trip entries from both 2010 and 2015 (*and now 2019*) might be helpful, if not for anyone else, at least for myself. I’m still working on updating both so I’ll add them here as they go up.


New Blog ~ SO EXCITED!
Pre-Planned Tour vs. My Own Itinerary
Pre-Trip Shopping List
Things I Bought for the Trip
Working on the Itinerary
Some Things I Absolutely Have to Do Whilst in Japan

Japan Trip!!! ~Day 1: The Flight
Day 1: Arrival at Narita Airport
Day 1: Grand Hyatt Hotel
Day 2: Roppongi, Park Prince Hotel & Akihabara
Day 3: Shibuya
Day 4: Harajuku & Shinjuku
Day 5: Tokyo Tower, Harajuku & Meiji Shrine
Day 6: Shinkansen, Kyoto Station, Gion/Miyagawacho
Day 7: Kinkakuji, Nijo Castle, Fushimi Inari Shrine & Gion Again
Day 8: Kyoto Station, Tokyo Dome Hotel & Akihabara Again
Day 9: More Akihabara
Day 10: Asakusa & Akihabara… Again
Day 11: Asakusa, Narita Airport & Departure


Going Back
Travel Phrases
Wrench in the Plan
Things I Bought for the Trip – Part 2
Shop Till You Drop… Literally
All My Bags Are Packed – I’m Ready to Go

Day 0: Flight & Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo
Day 2: Asakusa
Day 2: Ueno
Day 3: Kamakura
Day 3: Kamakura Part 2 & Tokyo Station
Day 4: Shibuya
Day 5: Harajuku
Day 6: Yokohama
Day 7: Ryogoku & Akihabara
Day 8: Akihabara Again
Day 9: Kyoto Temples
Day 10: Kyoto Shrines
Day 11: Ginza
Day 12: Harajuku
Day 13: Nikko
Day 14: Edo Wonderland
Day 15: Haneda

15 Ramen in 15 Days


Japan Again
Japan Without Japanese

Note: There are more Japan-related posts I’ve written other than what is listed here. If you want to see everything, look over there on the right-hand side and click on the Japan tab under categories (from any of the other posts on this blog – if you aren’t on this one, I mean).