Other Blogs

Even though this blog contains copies of posts from 4 of my OTHER old blog addresses that I no longer use, I still have even MORE blog sites that I either completed, flounced, or am still currently active on. For alllllll my words, you can check these links out too.

japanwithoutjapanese.wordpress.com (everything related to our 2019 trip to Japan)

teamfireball.wordpress.com (official blog for my “group”)

sminspirationplaylist.blogspot.com (complete – and now working on moving it to twilightsagamusic.wordpress.com)

bobbylongsongs.blogspot.com (was up to date a few years ago but has fallen way behind)

allweezersongs.blogspot.com (so horribly behind in updating)

365dor.blogspot.ca (flounced and defunct)