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All My Bags Are Packed – I’m Ready to Go

In exactly 24 hours, my plane will be landing in Tokyo. I’m so excited! How can I possibly sleep? I just finished packing. No matter what anyone tells you, there’s something to be said for doing things last minute. I may be slow … Continue reading

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Shop Till You Drop… Literally

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear if I ended up getting the rest of the things that I needed before we leave for our second trip to Japan that I mentioned last time… You can sit … Continue reading

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Things I Bought for the Trip – Part 2

Since I did one last time, might as well do it this time too~ Hubby and I went pre-trip shopping yesterday. Not all the way downtown this time. Just out to Square One in Mississauga. It’s a trek enough in itself. … Continue reading

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I’m going to play a game. I do this when I can’t sleep (like now) – usually in my head, but because this blog doesn’t get a lot of action, I thought I’d share. Rules are simple. Pick the first … Continue reading

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