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I thought I may as well share “my speech” that I wrote for my final project for my Japanese class. Usually we present in groups for the final projects, doing a skit or something, but I will be absent for … Continue reading

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I’m So Tired

a Playlist by kmah88~ It’s no secret that I love to sleep. It’s a known fact this is a hobby of mine. But staying awake until delirium settles in is also a habit I have. My current records for staying … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts 6

Why do people think ‘ignorance is bliss’. Have they never experienced the joy that comes with finally understanding something?

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I think I could do a lot of really cool things in life, but I just don’t have the energy. Basically, I have lists of all the amazing things I either have desire to achieve or ideas to bring to fruition, but don’t because… nah, … Continue reading

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