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No Excuses

I’m learning to not act on the compulsion to justify my every action and defend myself before I’ve even been attacked. It’s a waste of time. This type of pre-emptive behaviour has never been to my benefit anyway. Anyone who … Continue reading

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The Future Is Now

Happy Back to the Future Day! There are posts EVERYWHERE right now about Back to the Future and what came true and what didn’t. It’s amusing. Crazy to think of all the inventions that have changed the world since 1985. … Continue reading

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You can’t hide from what you subconsciously really think when you’re asleep. Your dreams strip you naked and show you all your insecurities. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself things don’t matter, one night can remind you … Continue reading

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The Great Soap Battle of 2015

As with EVERYTHING ELSE in life, I am oddly picky with the scents of soap I use. IDK if my sense of smell is just way more sensitive than most people, but the majority of stuff on the market makes … Continue reading

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8 Tattoos

I figured, since I’m all about updating my blog lately (I have now moved all of my old blog posts back to 2007 over here ~ still working on the first Japan trip though.), I thought I should give the … Continue reading

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I just watched a video from Eat Your Kimchi channel on YouTube where Simon and Martina (who are superfreakingadorable, BTW) took turns going back and forth describing weird pet peeves the other has. It’s hilarious. And got me thinking, of course… I obviously … Continue reading

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This world is stupid and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. Luckily for the people who are stupid enough to love me, my greatest weakness is what keeps me here. I’m too lazy to change my situation. … Continue reading

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Happy Place

Twilight makes me happy. Truly. In a world where not a lot of other things do, I’ll hang on to that. I have a sort of Pavlovian response to it. It can make me joyful or serene. I swim in the emotions … Continue reading

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