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My Corner of Shame

There is a spot that always exists somewhere in my house. It’s kind of like Monica’s closet. You may have realized over the years that I’m a little obsessive about organizing things and being fanatical with adhering to the “a … Continue reading

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Holiday-Related Pet Peeves

This post is especially for my friend, Allis. 😝 Everyone knows (or finds out very quickly after meeting me) that I have thousands of pet peeves – arbitrary things that anger me so deeply that I wither into a raging … Continue reading

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Not a Train Otaku

While watching this video, something revealed itself to me. I find Japanese trains very relaxing somehow. This seems odd. Almost an oxymoron. How can the hustle and bustle of a super busy, very cramped train relax ME, of all people? … Continue reading

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I follow a bunch of people on YouTube who live in Japan (known as J-Vloggers), mostly to pick up extra information about travel to or living there, but sometimes, because I like them and they’re just interesting people. A good chunk … Continue reading

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No matter what is going wrong in the world right now, everything will be okay – because I have frosted sugar cookies. 😀  I’ll probably regret eating them within ten minutes and I’m sure they greatly contribute to the fact that … Continue reading

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