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Random Thoughts 4

Is intuition a sense in it’s own right or is it the assessment of what the five senses perceive but what the conscious mind might not understand? Is the sixth sense the perception of emotion? I think in order to … Continue reading

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I gave several of my friends omamori (お守り) as souvenirs from my last trip to Japan so I decided to write up something explaining what they are. In short, they are amulets or talismans sold at shrines to ward off … Continue reading

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A Daruma is a representation of Zen Buddhism founder Bodhidharma. He is basically just a round head because, as the story goes, the Bodhidharma went to cave to pray and sat there for nine years – so long that, supposedly, … Continue reading

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I’m almost a month late for Thanksgiving but we’re in that time period between Canadian and American and since most of the people I talk to on a regular basis are Americans… I’ll just pretend this isn’t weird to be … Continue reading

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