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Some Good Questions (For Once)

Back in May, I was reading through Myth Schaber’s Tumblr blog, going way, way back and came across this quiz-y thing. I don’t do the Tumblr so I was unaware of this but I guess it’s a thing to do … Continue reading

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I’m just sitting here, scrolling through my own shit on my blog, re-reading old stuff. ‘Cause, why not? Who else is gonna be interested in the drivel I spew? No one. That’s who. (If I seem a bit bitter, that’s … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Twilight Anniversay with Midnight Sun and the Playlists

Disclaimer: I’m a huge Twilight nerd. If you didn’t know that, now you do. And if you don’t like reading gushy fangirl stuff, you can skip this one. I posted this on Team Fireball’s Facebook page a few hours ago … Continue reading

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