I have an obsessive personality. Like, hardcore. I fixate on things to the point where whatever it is completely absorbs me and actually disrupts my life. You would think because of that, that I would be into all kinds of different fandoms. But over the course of my life, there have only been a few things I’ve latched on to. (Maybe because it would be too exhausting?)

Yay. Fun list time.

Little House on the Prairie (books, not TV show)

little house.jpg



Full House

full house.jpg

Friends (the TV show, not real life people)










Hmm. I thought there would be more…

Another thing is that my obsessions are usually relatively short-lived. Once I love something (to that degree), I will love it forever – but the ‘living it’ usually lasts a few years at most. This is a new revelation to me.

The one exception is Japan. The overtaking of my life has varied in degrees over the years, when sometimes I’m eating/sleeping/breathing all things Japanese and others, it’s more on the back burner but the interest is ever-present.

I don’t currently believe that anything lasts forever and I don’t propose that this WILL be lifelong (it COULD be…), but ever since the interest was piqued, it has continued to hold.

Another thing I’ve noted lately is that my obsessions are growing in strength as I get older. I am way more into Twilight than I ever was into the Little House thing. That one was minor in comparison, whereas my Twi-love was all consuming. That could have something to do with the fact that I was only 10 at the time. And 13-ish during the Full House years. Also, I’m sure not having money to invest in these things during the younger years held me back a lot too… And the Internet was not yet a thing so immersing yourself wasn’t as easy as breathing like it is now.  Whatever. The exact reason doesn’t matter to me much right now. It was just something I noted.

This all makes me wonder… What’s next?

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