Christmas Quiz

My friend posted this “3 things” quiz and like an ass, I commented right away saying I had done it three times already. Without actually reading it first, just how I hate it when other people do. Welp. I lied. The one I’ve done is totally different.  So I decided to do this new-to-me one AND, because I sometimes have a hard time keeping my Christmas spirit up and know others do too, I made up a Christmasy themed one to tack on as well. That should make up for my error, right?

Three names I go by:
1 kmah
2 McGinty
3 Jamal

Three places I lived:
1 Mississauga
2 Brandon
3 Aliquippa

Three places I have worked:
1 Levi’s
2 Money Mart
3 Blockbuster

Three things I love to watch:
1 Supernatural
2 Shibuya Crossing
3 the rain

Three places I have been:
1 Hong Kong
2 Tokyo
3 Forks

Three things I love to eat:
1 mashed potatoes
2 no bake cheesecake
3 cake pops

Three people I consider friends:
1 Geena
2 Abbygail
3 Jay

Three things I am looking forward to:
1 Phantom of the Opera
2 Christmas in NYC
3 Muse

And here is mine:
(If you wanna do it, just remember, all answers to do with THIS holiday.)


3 favourite holiday treats:
1 – SIL’s gingerbread cookies
2 – my whipped shortbread cookies
3 – candy canes

3 best gifts you’ve received:
1 – crayons – The first year Hubby and I were dating, we each bought each other the same box and relabelled one in particular in the same manner.
2- Mukluks – not actually for Christmas, but received last year just before the holiday season and epitomized to me the true spirit of gift giving
3 – a fairytale (literally) …with a matching necklace to go with it

3 favourite decorations:
1 – our cutie tootie matching stockings
(Honestly, I put this in there for other people to answer. I’m getting very Scroogey in my old age and we aren’t even putting up our tree again. We have no lights outside. There are no decorations at all.)

3 things on your wishlist:
1 – SPN seasons
2 – record player
3 – randoseru 🎒
(I didn’t ask for anything really. I already got a lot. Like, a lot a lot.)

3 favourite holiday movies:
1 – Mickey’s Christmas Carol
2 – The Santa Clause
3 – Miracle on 34th Street
(read more)

3 favourite carols:
1 – O Holy Night
2 – Carol of the Bells
3 – It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
(read more)

3 things about the holidays you are most looking forward to:
1 – spending qt with my favourite
2 – going to NYC for the first time ever
3 – The Nutcracker

3 past holiday memories:
1 – “The Shittiest Christmas Ever” – with cousins and grandparents when everyone was… ill
2 – our first Christmas in our house – with Hubby’s parents, SIL and Nephie
3 – Christmas in Edmonton with the family
(a quick explanation: Growing up, it was only my immediate family and, for the most part in my adult life, it’s just ‘us’. My favourite memories are when I am surrounded by a lot of people. Spending Christmas with the whole family has a magical quality to it.)

3 people you want to spend the holidays with:
1 – Hubby
2 – sister
3 – MIL

3 family traditions:
1 – Elf – every year, Hubby has to watch it on Christmas Day, no matter where we are
2 – nuts and bolts (Chex mix) – This can obvious be eaten at anytime but my mom only makes it at Christmastime and Hubby is obsessed with it. She always sends him a tub.
3 – Skype – Since our families live far away, we spend Christmas morning opening gifts with various groups of family via the magic of video chat.


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