I love words. I really do. I love language and linguistics and syntax and diction. English is great because there are so many different words to say just what you mean. You can sift through dozens of words to find just the right one to express precisely what you want to say. Connotation is everything.

But there are times – usually when I’m in “a mood” – where I just want everyone and everything to shut up. Other people AND myself. When I need to stay off all forms of social media because it just pisses me off. When everything anyone has to say just sounds stupid, inane, unintelligent, pointless…  This is when I turn to music.


Obviously, the majority of my collection of music has words. Half of that in English. Sometimes listening to music in another language you don’t understand is nice because you can just focus on the melody and harmonies and have an easier time ignoring the lyrics. But there are times when my annoyance is stretched to it’s limit and I need humans in general – voices – to just STFU. That’s when I go classical.

I am currently sitting here at my kitchen table/work space, jamming out to my favourite classic hits, ignoring the rest of humanity and shutting out the rest of the world, and immersing myself in sound. I love the intricacies of these pieces. The simple melodies embellished and augmented by the addition of multiple complimentary bits. I love the layers. It’s thrilling.

And, it makes me feel better about people and the world. Human beings, at their greatest talent and genius, came up with this stuff. Amazing.


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