Twilight Car Bingo

Remember when I made up my Six Degrees of Rob game? That’s not the only Twilight-related game I play by myself when I’m bored. The other one I made up when I was in college and taking the bus back and forth to school everyday and had long spans of time waiting for one to show up and then long rides while actually on board. It’s been a long time since then but I thought I’d share this game anyway. The premise is easy and, like the Rob game, you can tailor it to your own preferences.

So, in the Twilight Saga, many different cars are mentioned. Everyone knows the “shiny silver Volvo” and Bella’s truck. There’s also Alice’s Porsche, Rosalie’s BMW, Emmett’s Jeep, Jacob’s Rabbit, Charlie’s cruiser, etc. The game is literally just to spot these vehicles on the road and award yourself points. The number of points you get is something you can decide for yourself. If you’ve just woken up and are sleepy while awaiting public transit, maybe just one point each. If you’re driving and stuck in traffic (and therefore, hopefully, more alert), you could make point tiers based on popularity on the road. Or perhaps the car’s importance in the books (ie. Edward is obviously the most important and therefore his car is worth more than…. say….. Jacob’s? 😉 )


You can also decide for yourself how exact the makes/models need to be to count. I’m not very knowledgeable about this kind of thing so, to me, one silver Volvo model looks like the next. I don’t differentiate. For myself, I basically go with the general make and colour. But, if you want to accrue more points, maybe just the brand. (Do you know how often you’ll see a yellow Porsche? Not often, I bet.) It’s also up to you which versions you want to use – book vs. movie. As in, Emmett drives a red Jeep in the book but it’s silver in the movie. Rosalie drives a BMW in the book and a Mercedes in the movie. And of course, there are multiple movie Volvos used, half of them not even silver.


The other fun thing about this game is that it can be played with other people. Just like the car bingo you played on long family road trips as a kid with your siblings in the back seat to amuse yourself in between inquiries of “are we there yet?”, you take one side of the car and your opponent takes the other. Or play in teams – multiple sets of eyes are better than one.

Come to think of it, why have we never played this on our road trips back and forth to Forks? It’s not like we didn’t have the time. Maybe we just didn’t have the traffic… Not a lot of fancy cars on the scanty roads of Washington…. since, you know, the Cullens don’t take their cars out much…….


Here are 2 lists for reference to all the automobiles mentioned in the Saga:

Stephenie Meyer’s site

Twilight Saga wiki (more comprehensive)

For the super detail-obsessed, there are a few more vehicles noted in Midnight Sun. I don’t have my copy handy and don’t feel like looking them up for you right now. (Maybe another time, since *I* am one of those people.)  Just be aware that they exist. (Really, it’s only like 2 more random kids’ cars in the school parking lot.)


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  1. Ang says:

    Just in time for my road trip. Do you think my family will play along??

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