The Future Is Now

Happy Back to the Future Day!


There are posts EVERYWHERE right now about Back to the Future and what came true and what didn’t. It’s amusing. Crazy to think of all the inventions that have changed the world since 1985. And a little more than disconcerting that instead of focusing on how amazing that is, people are using an old (albeit awesome) fantasy/comedy movie as their measuring stick of progress.

Yeah, yeah. I get it. All in fun. And I wish I had a pair of self-lacing Nikes too. (Not really. All my shoes are pre-laced and I just slip them on. Except my hightop Chucks. Give me THOSE self-lacing! Game changer.) Anyway… Point is I’m sitting here marvelling at all the technological changes that have happened, even in the past 15 years, let alone 30. Like this! I was so excited about the idea of taking the internet with me outside of my home, everywhere I go. And, yeah, glasses are a terrible idea but people not watching where they are going and looking at their screens is still a problem.

And the things from the movie that are real now… Video chat? Supercool. Let me tell you, Skype is great. My friend and I joke about how it’s an asshole for dropping our calls so often, but when it comes down to it, seeing someone move about their space while you are in yours and talking to them across the world is mind-boggling. Yet we just accept it now. It’s normal.

3D movies? IMO, only good for animation.


I always liked the idea of scheduled weather. No one seems to have mentioned that.


I will also put it out there that I am so glad cars don’t fly. People have a hard enough time controlling them on the ground. Adding the extra dimension of dealing with vertical positioning at the same time would be a disaster.

This is the sad thing:


Well, we still have The Fifth Element…

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