I just watched a video from Eat Your Kimchi channel on YouTube where Simon and Martina (who are superfreakingadorable, BTW) took turns going back and forth describing weird pet peeves the other has.

It’s hilarious. And got me thinking, of course…

I obviously have a million things on my list of things that annoy me/weird me out/sicken me. I’m… particular. My whole being is just an assemblage of quirks. But what about Hubby? Hmmm.

surgery footage
not just tickling, but touch in general

…What?!  That’s all I can think of! Pathetic.

Mine are A LOT easier. I have thousands. Here are just a few things off the top of my head that weird me out:

woven shoelaces
wet fleece
anything in my mouth
public restroom soap
feet (especially in public)
any kind of body noise in public
bad grammar in song lyrics
creepy crawlies
flying things (birds and bees)

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