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Just woke up from a dream. I was Facetiming with Rob, doing some interview. I was asking him questions my sister was feeding me but she was mumbling so I wasn’t saying them right. I gave up and decided to use my own. I asked him what … Continue reading

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The Six Degrees of Robert Pattinson

If you’re at all like me, you might just be a huge tangled ball of nerves right now. With all the waiting we’ve been having to endure and postponing of the release of information, you might be having trouble trying to … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Good 24 Hours

I haven’t posted anything since the fiasco. Now seems to be the time. He’s alive! He smiles! I can breathe again~ Rob’s appearance last night with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, followed by the NY Cosmopolis premiere. Then this morning’s bell … Continue reading

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Edward Cullen vs. Robert Pattinson

The following are some thoughts I posted earlier this morning on my Twitter account (@kmuffin88): “Before Twilight, I never gave a shit about celebrities at all (except for Rivers Cuomo, cause I love him immensely). Even when I first watched the movies, … Continue reading

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