The Six Degrees of Robert Pattinson

If you’re at all like me, you might just be a huge tangled ball of nerves right now. With all the waiting we’ve been having to endure and postponing of the release of information, you might be having trouble trying to sleep. And let’s face it… more sleepless nights will probably arise as we get closer to the premiere date.

Well, I have something that might help you. When I can’t get my mind to slow down at night, I tend to play little games in my head (listing all the states alphabetically, listing as many types of whatevers as I can, etc.). The other night I made up a new game. Try it. See if it helps you. (I also played it the next morning as I was trying to get my brain to function again on what little sleep I had achieved.)

Who remembers the game ‘the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’? (a pun of the six degrees of separation) As it was explained to me, any actor in Hollywood can be traced back to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. Fun right?

As we all know, Rob’s acting career has been on the rise, therefore creating more and more connections. So I wondered if it were possible to play the game with him instead. The answer is yes. Yes, it is. And it’s sooooo much more appealing than Kevin Bacon.


To test it out, I decided to start with the original. Kevin Bacon. Here’s how that went:

Kevin Bacon was in X-Men First Class. So was Edi Gathegi. Who was in Twilight and New Moon ~ with Rob.
Only 2 degrees!

NOTE: I’m still refining my own personal rules. Hubby says you can ONLY use actors and it has to be a direct connection. I’m if-y on that. Can’t we use directors and musicians as well? And can it be a relationship link instead of a costar? Use your own discretion but make your rules clear before you play, to be fair. 😉
So, if you decided non-actor links are okay, this works too…

Kevin Bacon -> X-Men First Class w/ Oliver Platt who was in Kinsey which was directed Bill Condon who directed Breaking Dawn Parts 1&2 ~ starring Rob.
3 degrees.

So I was happy the game worked. But it was still technically the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon at that point. I had to see if it works for Rob too. Where to begin?
I had the song “Tribute” by Tenacious D stuck in my head at that moment since it was the last thing I heard on my iPod that day. Jack Black. Challenge accepted.

Jack Black was in Shallow Hal with Gwenyth Paltrow who was in Se7en with Kevin Spacey who was in The Big Kahuna with Peter Facinelli who was in all the Twilight movies ~ with Rob.
4 degrees.

I was on a roll!

The next actor I picked was another person I used to hoard pictures on my computer of (don’t ask why) and I picked her because she’s not from Hollywood and I thought it would be harder and I would fall asleep while thinking. Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) …No such luck.

Ziyi Zhang was in Rush Hour 2 with Chris Tucker who was in The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis who was in Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman who was in Bel Ami ~ with Rob.
Only 4 degrees for Rob to get to China.

Testing out the idea of using relationships and non-actors, I next chose my 2 favourite bands, Weezer and Muse.

Well, Muse can be directly linked to Twilight but that was no fun. So…

Muse lead singer is Matthew Bellamy who is married (Did they get married? They at least have a kid…) to Kate Hudson who was in 200 Cigarettes with Christina Ricci who was in Bel Ami ~ with Rob.
3 degrees.

Weezer was featured on the soundtrack to Mallrats (with their song “Susanne“, FYI) which was directed by and starred Kevin Smith who was (briefly) in Fanboys with Jay Baruchel who was in Cosmopolis ~ starring Rob.
3 degrees.

Just to have a ready list, I decided to use the other men from “My List of 5” (freebies list). Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, and Brad Pitt (who was just bumped for Billy Burke). (Kellan is on my list too, but that connection is obvious.)

Johnny Depp is in (everything, but let’s just pick) Sweeny Todd with Helena Bonham Carter who is in multiple Harry Potter movies (although not Goblet of Fire, hence the extra link) with (take your pick) Alan Rickman who IS in Goblet of Fire ~ with Rob.
3 degrees.
NOTE: You can also get from Kevin Smith to Rob through the Alan Rickman connection.

Ryan Reynolds is in Adventureland with Kristen who is (duh) in the Twilight movies ~ with Rob.
2 degrees.

Brad Pitt is in Mr. & Mrs. Smith with (and is married to) Angelina Jolie who is in Girl, Interrupted with Brittany Murphy who was in Uptown Girls with Dakota Fanning who is in several Twilight movies ~ with Rob.
4 degrees.

Then I decided to use my hubby’s ‘#1/freebie’.

Natalie Portman who is in V for Vandetta with Hugo Weaving who is in The Lord of the Rings movies with Dominic Monaghan who is in Lost with Emilie de Ravin who is in Remember Me ~ with Rob.
4 degrees.
(I could have gone Star Wars -> Samuel L. Jackson -> Pulp Fiction -> Uma… but that’s repetitive.)

Then I thought Star Wars… original trilogy. My childhood favourites. Harrison Ford, my schoolgirl crush.

Harrison Ford who was in Extreme Measures with Kerry Russell who was in August Rush with Jonathan Rhys Meyers who was in Vanity Fair (which Rob was in, but was cut, so…) with Reese Witherspoon who was in Water for Elephants ~ with Rob.
4 degrees.

My other favourite childhood movie was E.T.

Drew Barrymore who was in Riding in Cars with Boys with Peter Facinelli who (also previously used) was in the Twilight movies ~ with Rob.
2 degrees.

Hubby and I just started watching The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon is my favourite. Thought that might be harder. Wrong again.

Jim Parsons (he is in The Big Year with Jack Black but, again…no) who was in The Muppets with Chris Cooper who was in Remember Me ~ with Rob.
2 degrees.

It’s better to play this game when you get someone to randomly give you actor’s names. It makes it more challenging. Hubby offered up two.

Mark Ruffalo who was in Avengers with (I already used Gwenyth Paltrow. I didn’t WANT to use Chris Hemsworth. I didn’t think Rob would appreciate using THAT movie as a connection. *I* didn’t appreciate it. So I went with~) Scarlet Johansson who was in We Bought a Zoo with Elle Fanning who was in My Neighbor Totoro with (her sister) Dakota Fanning who (as said already) is in Twilight movies ~ with Rob.
4 degrees.

Based on the fact that all my connections have been 4 degrees or less, Rob is MUCH better than Kevin Bacon!

rob vs bacon.JPG

So, if you are having trouble sleeping, or waking up, or are just bored trying to pass the time, give the Six Degrees of Robert Pattinson a try!

Let me know what you come up with.

And feel free to challenge me to come up with more. I like this game.

(originally posted on Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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