Tattoo #5

I’m sure you realize by now I’m a bit of a Twilight fan.

Okay… “bit” might be downplaying it a little. A lot. Whatever.

Yeah. Completely obsessed? Fine. Whatever you say.

So, it’s only natural I should get ink to proclaim my love, right? (Just agree. Twihards can’t be argued with.)

As with all my tattoos, I thought about what I wanted for a long time. And, like how most of the other ones happened, the timing on finally getting it was completely on a whim.

The original plan was to get it done with my Twilight buddies when we were visiting “the holy land” (Forks, WA) this past September. It would have been PERFECT. Alas, there was no time.

But, like all my others, the timing and situation of actually placing ink to body is just as important as the tattoo itself.

Last year sometime, a few school friends and I started planning this epic Twilight marathon during which I was to initiate a Twi-virgin into my world. (He heard me speak of my love day after day and thought maybe he should check them out to see what is so great about them.) This day was finally nailed down to Wednesday. It was all arranged. The four of us who spent all our time in school together were going to sit down and watch as much of the 5 movies as they could handle in one sitting. The problem? He, Twi-virgin boy, was sick and missed the whole day. (The other 2 girls still came over though.) So instead of watching the movies allllll day, we went out to get food. While out, one of them thought that should be the day she finally got her tragis pierced after chickening out 5 times already.

To bolster her resolve, I said I’d do mine too. Or, if she preferred, I’d get a tattoo. They both LOVED that idea. So off we went to Art Addictions in the Brampton Mall. (Then we went back to my house and watched the first two movies before they crapped out on me. 🙂 )


As for the meaning behind the actual tattoo, it’s the very last word in the last book of the Twilight series. (The font is actually taken directly from a screenshot of my ebook.) It’s also the tag line of the last movie. The words from the book actually make an on-screen appearance and start off a (very touching) farewell montage. Subsequently, forever (with a period) became iconic for the fandom.

Apart from my Twilight fixation, it is also serving as a reminder for me to not be so cynical. Some things can last. Or so I really want to believe.


forever. on my inner right wrist


Edward’s BD2 Forever promo poster

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