Day 3: Shibuya

2010 3 1

Another reason I love Japan. Umbrella lockers.

2010 3 2

And customer service.

2010 3 3

No, I was not hiding in the bushes, taking pictures of children. We were entering the park and saw these school kids on an outing observing bugs.

2010 3 4

Shiba Koen leading from the hotel to the temple

2010 3 5

monk begging for alms at Shibuya station

2010 3 6

“World’s Busiest Starbucks” is in Tsutaya, across from Shibuya Station

2010 3 7

the famous 109 building, young Tokyoites fashion mecca

2010 3 8

beloved Hachiko

2010 3 12

The kid on the balcony spilled his drink and it was dripping down on the smokers.

2010 3 15

Bic Camera – This store plays it’s theme song over and over while you shop. Earworm.

2010 3 16

Krispy Kreme? Yeah, we bought some.


funny signage


Fami Ma – one of the many konbini (convenience stores)

2010 3 19

Dougenzaka Ave is so pretty

2010 3 20

2010 3 21

host bar and another konbini chain

2010 3 22

bought some jeans and ballet flats here

2010 3 23

Tokyo has the coolest automated car parks

2010 3 26

Shibuya station

2010 3 27

In Japan, they shorten the names of things frequently. For example, McDonald’s is Maku-Do and Starbucks is Suta-Ba. This restaurant chain is called Fa-Kin…

2010 3 28

Shibuya street fashion

2010 3 29

pachinko and school girls

2010 3 30

biggest HMV I’ve ever been in

2010 3 31

The guy on the right was such a creeper. Kept photobombing everyone with this unsettling smile.

We ended our day in Shibuya with karaoke.

We made a stop at Tokyo Station to check out Character Street and ended up spending a small fortune at the Rilakkuma Store. (After seeing those girls, I thought I needed my own kigurumi onesie.)

2010 3 35

nighttime view from our hotel room

NOTE: When we were exciting Shibuya station (when we saw the monk), there were girls handing out bags with question marks on them to passing females (a promotional thing). Inside were mini shampoo and conditioner, also with the question mark. Obviously a campaign of some sort.

We went to the Starbucks above Tsutaya where I got scolded for taking video of the crossing. My notes also say I bought a mocha latte. (Odd, the things I took notes of…)

We also had our very first experience of REAL ramen for lunch (actually, I had gyoza) and hubby was instantly obsessed and vowed to sample as many as he could and rate them all.

True to his promise, he had ramen again on the way back to the hotel in Hamamatsucho. I can’t remember now, but I think that one was his favourite. It was extremely crowded (a good sign) and teeny, tiny.

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