Day 4: Harajuku & Shinjuku

Every morning, we walk from our hotel to our “home station” – Hamamatsucho on the Yamanote Line.

On the way down to Takeshita Street (dori) from Harajuku Station, I was absolutely thrilled to see this ganguro girl. OMG! I didn’t know they still exisited. Lucky me, I saw one in real life!! Love the Pikachu onesie and the Doraemon mask.

2010 4 5

the famous entrance to Takeshita dori – where the high school girls find all their fashion

2010 4 6

so many people

One of my “must-do” items for Harajuku was crepes. IDK why, but for some reason, crepes are synonymous with this area. They aren’t French style AT ALL. Crepes are their own thing in Japan – and they are delicious! There are many places to buy one, but the “originals” are Marion and Angel Heart, which are right beside each other.

2010 4 9

2010 4 10

I knew about this place years before being there in person.

2010 4 11

2010 4 12

This is the flavour I got.

2010 4 13

2010 4 14

obviously very popular

2010 4 15

Steps up to a shrine, right in the middle of commercialism paradise. So Japan.

2010 4 16

even the young kids are super kakko ii

2010 4 19

I saw her again. Such a highlight for me! The ganguro/yamanba style is pretty much an extinct fashion subculture.

2010 4 24

had to test out the bubble tea Tokyo has to offer

2010 4 31


2010 4 32

Again, soooo many people!

2010 4 33

After Takeshita dori, we moved on to the more upscale Omotesando.

2010 4 34

So. Many. People.

2010 4 37

We spent a long time in here.

2010 4 38

bought the little guy in my hand

Sembikiya is a famous shop, selling gourmet fruit. It was featured in a ‘learn Japanese’ audio tape I had as a young teenager – my first exposure to Japanese language. It’s cool that it’s still popular.

2010 4 412010 4 42

2010 4 43

Harajuku Station

2010 4 44

The bridge area is a famous spot to see cosplay on Sundays and Meiji shrine is located right behind (where the trees are).

We left Harajuku and headed over to Shinjuku. I was so tired and therefore emotional so we didn’t stay long or see much.

2010 4 45

2010 4 46

I love how construction is done in Japan – Gotta keep things clean!

2010 4 50

This type of ad truck was a common sight.

2010 4 51

2010 4 52

I THINK this is the Bic Camera that hubby bought his watch at…

2010 4 53

2010 4 54

kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant – We attempted to eat here, but neither of us like raw fish or are very adventurous. I got a plate of “mystery meat” (really, NO CLUE what it was) for like 130 yen, because I felt bad not getting anything, and then we left.

2010 4 57

famous gate to the “red light” district – Kabuki-cho – we walked around but didn’t see much

NOTE: We actually walked through Takeshita twice. I tried to buy some cute shirts I saw but everything was sized as medium. (But I think that is a lie. Very small.) And I made a note saying “irasshaimaseeeeeee” (I guess it was all very over-annunciated?) I only ended up buying some socks.

Hubby bought a pair of Nike Shoxx in Ometosando and I got 2 shirts at Gap.

Also in my notes is “3rd ramen” but I can’t remember where that might have been from. The same place again in Hamamatsucho?

I remember getting somewhat lost on the way home from the station one night. It must have been the first or second night… but we stopped off in a 7-11 and were surprised because the lady that worked there (like the age of our moms) spoke nearly perfect English.

(originally posted to Japan – Here I Come!)

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