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Pocari Sweat

My first purchase ever out of a Japanese vending machine was a bottle of Pocari Sweat at Narita Airport. To me, at that point, it was kind of a thing. Japan is known for its abundance of vending machines and … Continue reading

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Day 2 ~ Part 2

After the meeting at our supervising teacher’s apartment (which BTW, is WAY nicer than ours!), the 4 girls that we HADN’T hung out with earlier, and my roomies and I went out for dinner. Much like in the morning, we … Continue reading

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Day 1: Arrival at Narita Airport

I was sooo glad to get off that plane! I was awake for the last hour and my eyeballs were glued to the window. At first, all you can see is ocean, then some boats and concrete structures. Finally, you … Continue reading

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