Day 2 ~ Part 2

After the meeting at our supervising teacher’s apartment (which BTW, is WAY nicer than ours!), the 4 girls that we HADN’T hung out with earlier, and my roomies and I went out for dinner. Much like in the morning, we wandered around until we found something that looked like it had edible food. It was on Mong Kok Road (which Anchor Street turns into after the Tong Mi Road intersection), not too far from where we were earlier. The staff spoke little to no English but there was an English menu. It was a noodle restaurant. It took us a bit to figure out how the ordering system worked (pick a broth, a noodle type, a spiciness factor, toppings, etc.). Since our one Cantonese speaking classmate didn’t join us (and hates being delegated to translate), I was the only other one who had any knowledge of the language at all. And I know next to nothing. I can say please and thank you and apologize and count. That about sums it up! Still, they asked me to help. Fat lot of good that did them. Haha.

As we headed back to our respective apartments, we made plans to meet up on the rooftop patio of the hostel building in a few hours. By the appointed time, some ended up being too tired (still recovering for jet lag, I guess) and some weren’t feeling well. Roomies and I met Tumblr Girl and her roomies up there and we waited awhile for my location buddy (I’ll explain that later)/Rob fan and her roomie to show up. (The other two hostel residents (the girls from the degree program) were the ones who had passed out, I think.) They were all sitting around, drinking, admiring the rooftop view for quite awhile. Eventually, we decided to leave and check out a bar in the area. The night was still young. But apparently, only my roomies, Tumblr Girl, and I felt that way. The rest called it a night.

We went in to Bar Pacific (the one Boy Roomie had already graced with his presence the night before – the one I can see from my window). Those that know me know I DO NOT drink beer. Or really anything at all. I only really ever drink Coke & Amaretto. This sucks when going to foreign countries because most places don’t have it. Bar Pacific was no exception. There was a special on a Korean beer called Blue Girl (They even had Blue Girl reps dressed up in what I would describe as old school flight attendant costumes.) so that is what the other three had. I was determined to have SOMETHING so I scoured the menu for anything I thought I could choke down. I ended up with a Long Island ice tea. …I forgot how much alcohol is in one of those. I think I had 2. ….It was a fun night.


painting that was in Supervising Teacher’s apartment – I LOVE it


what I had for dinner


everyone else enjoying their noodles


hanging out on the rooftop patio – top: Rob fan, her roomie, Tumblr Girl – bottom: TG’s 2 roomies, Girl Roomie


Long Island ice tea



taken by a Blue Girl


NOTE: Pocari Sweat totally negates a hangover. I swear by this system.

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