The Last 30 and 9

I don’t like to leave things unfinished. You know this already, I’m sure. So… back in 2017, I was re-doing the 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram (and cross-posting on Facebook) and, when I completed it, I was planning on posting the pictures here on my blog as well, but with more in depth explanations. I got a little over halfway through (-first month, second month-) but ended up giving up because… well, honestly, I was depressed. I was depressed while I was doing the challenge and continued to be well after I was done. Writing about things that made me “happy” felt false.

Here I am, almost exactly 4 years after finishing that challenge (for the second time… Not a great choice. You can read about why here, if you’re interested….) and I’m still not feeling like I want to go on and on about happiness. BUT~ I hate that I left it all incomplete. So. I decided I would just throw up the rest of the pictures, maybe make a comment or two if I feel like it, and then say I’m done.

For the record, I will NEVER attempt another challenge like that. I still believe in the value that that particular challenge can bring into your life and would still recommend that anyone try it. I got a lot out of doing it the first time. And I also appreciate the lesson I learned from doing it again the second time – mainly that these types of challenges seem to be a one-time benefit.

June 1

June 2

Hubby and I (sometimes joined by Niecey) make ridiculous taste review videos on my personal YouTube channel. It’s fun to be goofy with other people. Here’s the playlist link.

June 3

June 4

The previous year, I joined the official Weezer fan club. I thought it was time Hubby joined us so I bought him the entry package as his gift.

June 5

More about my stuggles with the smells of things...

June 6

Awww. That poor tree. He died after I repotted him. RIP, buddy. Glad to report no money troubles happened as a result. And after several years with no live greenery in our home, we are now the proud parents of quite a few houseplants and a decent sized garden.

June 7

We visited the market at Nathan Philips Square, where I chatted with a guy selling apple cider from my hometown, and then to the more ‘fancy’ market up at Yorkville. I like our “adventure days”.

June 8

I don’t like celebrating my birthday but it’s still nice that people remember I exist.

June 9

Made a gift and painted a card for my friends. It’s great to be able to express yourself creatively.

June 10

Whether in Japan or in Canada, maid cafés are expensive! Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Café is NOTHING like a true Japanese maid café but it’s the closest we can get. They made a good effort. And tasty treats!

June 11

Went to the bridal shower for my friends.

June 12

June 13

June 14

June 15

Hubby had the bizarre yet cute idea to see how many times we hug in a year so, just before the new year began, he bought a counter and clicks it every time. I think he’s cheating because sometimes he comes over to hug me just so he can click it – but it makes me laugh.

June 16

June 17

June 18

Happy Father’s Day

June 19

Can attest to. Getting outside into nature, even if it’s just a local park amongst all the concrete, does lift the spirits. 10 out of 10. Would recommend. (Watch out for angry geese though! Haha.)

June 20

My super long-winded blog posts that no one actually reads are really just for me. I work really, really hard on them and am usually pretty proud of the results. And since I have such a long to-do list of posts to cross off, I feel a huge sense of relief when even just one is complete.
Hong Kong: Day 4
Christmas in NYC

June 21

We had a Netflix account for just 6 months – and I made full use of that time. Most TV shows we watch are downloaded from torrents (🏴‍☠️) but anything that requires subtitles for me to watch along with is inevitably a lot harder to find. Having easy access to Japanese shows was wonderful and I miss it.

June 22

I love Pita Pit.

June 23

June 24

June 25

Happy Pride!

June 26

We bought our first denki pot (water boiler) during our Japan 2015 trip. Hubby was resistant at first because he thought it would use too much energy but he’s as reliant on it now as I am. And I bought myself a cheap mug warmer on Amazon which saves me from having to reheat my tea several times in the microwave.

June 27

Always happy to hang out with one of my oldest and dearest friends at one of the ‘original’ bubble tea spots. Geena is who I hold responsible for my bubble tea obsession.

June 28

I mention these tapes A LOT – basically every single time I bring up learning Japanese. I love them so much that I have a checklist for visiting all the sites mentioned (and actually got to a few in our most recent trips!) and made videos to go along with some of the lessons as a ‘visual accompaniment’. (Intro & Dialogue 1Dialogue 2)

June 29

LOL. I like to coordinate my earrings to my t-shirts.

June 30

July 1

When I was in Hong Kong, there was all this HOOPLA over a giant rubber duck that was sitting in the harbour. Everywhere you went, there were rubber duckie motifs. I thought it was stupid to get so excited over something like that. Our group stopped by on our way to Macau and there were hundreds of people jammed together trying to take pictures of the giant duck. So weird. And then… 4 years later, I heard the same duck was coming to Toronto…. and I got excited and planned an ‘adventure day’ downtown to go and take some pictures…….

July 2

Maggie, who has lived the majority of her life in the United States, is the biggest celebrator of Canada Day I know. I don’t really celebrate anything – but’s it’s always lovely to spend time with extended family. Happy Day-After Canada Day.

July 3

Hubby dropped me off downtown where I caught the bus down to Rochester to help my friends celebrate their independence.

July 4

July 5

July 6

July 7

Spent the weekend with Abbygail at her cottage for her bachelorette party.

July 8

July 9

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