On Saturday night, Hubby and I made our way downtown to see Sia in concert. I love her and her music. I knew I would enjoy myself, regardless of how the “show” was. Hubby wasn’t as pleased with the experience as I was. He wanted to see her perform. He wanted something he could enjoy without having to think about “what is she trying to say with this?” It was what I could only describe as performance art. She was definitely saying something, even if I didn’t have the frame of reference to fully understand what it was.

The thing about art is that you get to put your own thoughts, beliefs, and experiences on to what you are witnessing and derive your own meaning from it. Intention is only important to some people. Great art, in my opinion, is a ‘take it and make of it what you will’ kind of thing.

Anyway~ that tangent aside, despite the fact that Sia was barely visible throughout and that the interludes in between songs kind of freaked me out a bit, I really enjoyed the concert. What I wasn’t prepared for was how emotional it was!

Being present for live performances is a whole other experience than listening to a recording by yourself. There is a connection you make with the music and the artist, no matter how many other people are there. It sounds so cliché but it’s true. The thing about live music is that the person creating the music is giving a piece of their soul. If you are present to receive it, that’s a blessing.

A few months ago, I wrote a little review of Sia’s latest album, stating that the collection of songs was almost too positive for my taste. I was at a point right then where I couldn’t fully appreciate it. There was a lot of resistance to things with that type of message. I’m not saying that I can now either, BUT on Saturday night, hearing those lyrics with the powerful voice delivering them in person had an effect on me. Not gonna lie – I cried a little bit.  A few times.  It wasn’t even a conscious thought that brought tears. It was just a basic, primitive reaction where my whole body responded to the moment. My rational, thinking brain was actually taken aback. What is happening to me right now?! It was a strange experience but not necessarily a negative one and something I don’t want to just forget about.


I like that every concert we go to is different. Each band or singer has a different style. They are all enjoyable in their own way.

The rest of the night… was another story. I’ll continue that in a different post.

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  2. I heard that her concerts are really oryginal and touchy. I am happy that you were enjoying the show I hope that I will have a chance to see her once in my life too 🙂

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