I can’t be responsible for other people’s behaviour – only my own. I can’t be angry at myself for all the mistakes I’ve made (of which there have be many). I’ll learn from them instead. I won’t say that the things I’ve wrongfully done to other people are okay but I’m not going to condemn myself for them either. All that can be done is to let go of yesterday and try to do better going forward. Realizing this about myself makes it easier to move past the shitty things other people do to me. I can’t really judge them for being on their own journey and making the same mistakes I have. Hopefully, they will do the same for me.

Something I need to remind myself often is that you never know the whole truth about another person and the motivations behind their actions. You might THINK you do but acting on your perception of another person’s intention can be very damaging.

Live and let live.

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