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The Dead Man’s Float

I’ve been living with a somewhat mildish depression for several months now. It’s always been off and on for many, many years (if not my entire life). This time around, I’m not saying ‘struggling with’ because, I guess due to … Continue reading

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It’s so strange how I have no physical memories from high school. I can’t remember being in my body. Not one. I can’t feel myself touch anything, hear myself say any words, see anything I looked at, recall any thoughts or feelings at one … Continue reading

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あけましておめでとうございます。🎍 Happy New Year. from Wikipedia: “Hatsuyume (初夢) is the Japanese word for the first dream had in the new year. Traditionally, the contents of the dream would foretell the luck of the dreamer in the ensuing year.” I just … Continue reading

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