Colour Blind

In general, I am a fairly laid back person. I am quite particular about the way I like things and obsessive in that way, but when it comes to ‘issues’, it’s not often that I get riled up. There are, however, a few topics that I have very strong opinions about. Racism is one of those things. So it makes sense that my mind is flying right now…

I just finished watching a documentary called Hue – all about cultures all over the world valuing light skin above darker variations and the extremes that people go to and the discrimination people who are darker than others of their culture go through, not only from “white” people, but from themselves. I found it interesting that there was absolutely no mention of light-skinned people who spend thousands of dollars and hours to tan their skin… but I guess that would take away from the point. Just something to keep in mind. And, believe me, I do get it. It may go both ways, but not equally. That is for sure.


Hating other people based on things they have no control over (their race, their situation they were born into, their looks, etc.) or their life choices (who they choose to love, how they want to live) has never made sense to me, especially if their life has no bearing at all on others. I wish it was this way for everyone. And I wish that people (INCLUDING myself) were happy to be who they are. I wish that differences were celebrated instead of used as a means to ostracize and separate.

I guess it’s human nature to seek out others “like us” in order to categorize and define ourselves. We want to be surrounded by people who share similarities – same tastes, same lifestyles. That makes sense. But I also think we grow as human beings when we venture outside of what we know to understand those with a different perspective.

I just think, as humans, we were given this beautiful world we inhabit to enjoy. Why do we do horrible things to each other?

I have so much more going on in my head right now, but it’s disorganized, so I’ll save it for another time.

(originally posted to wohngsikneuih)

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