A Dream

I just woke up from a very confusing dream where my husband and the guy I liked in high school were both teaching me how to pay the guitar, but I was both the me from the past and my current self simultaneously. I would answer Hubby as myself now, but the other guy as my high school self. Really weird.

The content of the dream itself was cool. I was telling them the difference between piano and guitar. Key changes were the topic. Apparently (in my dream), on a guitar you can play in two keys at once and that is how you express emotion such as sadness – slide your notes from one key to the other. I was explaining music theory to them – how keys are marked at the beginning of the piece (and often end on that note, classically at least) but accidentals are used throughout. Emotion is expressed through dissident accidentals, a minor key, pace, and/or weight.

It was fascinating. Probably only 20% accurate though.

guitar piano.jpg

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