Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Que Sera Sera

Today’s guest rec is from my good friend Dee (@mizzdee_FF).

Title: Que Sera Sera

que sera sera.jpg

By: Livie79 (@livieliv79)


Why is it good?:  In the world of fanfiction, there is nothing better in my eyes than a great angst filled story. A story that is written so well that its drama and completely flawed characters rip your heart right out of your chest, tear it to pieces and then shove it back in whether its fixed or not. While we always wish for a happy ending to every story, sometimes the happiest ending can only be an end.

One of my absolute favorites of these stories is Que Sera Sera by the amazing Queen of Angst herself…Livie79.

It’s a story filled with heavy angst and flawed and evil characters that make you wish you were a part of the story just so you could exact some revenge for the one who couldn’t do it for herself.

But there is a bright light in the middle of all this sadness.

A simple yet beautiful love story between a very shy, scared, closed off Bella and a super sweet Edward. Together, they find a love and a possible future neither one believed they could have. And in each other, they each find a strength they never knew existed as they fight back against the evil threatening to destroy their world.

Though the subject matter is difficult, this story is so beautifully written that it rips you open and fills you with so many emotions that your heart is ready to burst. It’s an amazing story and will always be one of my favorites. Hopefully, it will become one of yours too.


Another one I have not yet read myself. I’m so glad that I have friends who can offer you something more to add to your TBR lists. It’s been added to mine.

Thank you for helping me out with the rec, Dee!

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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