Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Awkwardly Yours

This week, I’m recommending Awkwardly Yours by Vancouver-Canuck-Girl (@VanCanuckGrl).  Read it here on

It was completed this past November. It’s not too long at 22 chapters and just over 60,000 words.

awkwardly yours.jpg

I don’t read a lot of high school aged Edward and Bella fics anymore but I was willing to make an exception for this one. It was really sweet and probably one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read.  Ever. Edward has so many cringe-worthy and hilarious moments. Loved it.

At the same time as laughing until you lose bladder control, you also are compelled to love the characters. The comedy is tempered with poignant, depth-revealing moments that help you emotionally connect. As much as we all love our Edwards, it’s hard to get them right. This one is more than just a one-dimensional caricature of the socially awkward, clueless teenager. He feels real. I would actually love to see another future-shot of this guy. (*hint, hint*, VCG!)

Update: Vancouver Canuck Girl actually commented in response on the original post, saying: “My beta has a future take in hand. Once she’s worked her magic I will post it xo Thank you for recommending it xo Vancouver Canuck Girl”

About 8 months later, this futuretake was posted. It’s hilarious!!

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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