Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Help Wanted

Today’s  rec comes to you via my friend Jodi (@joderss). She is another one of those lightning-fast speed readers so, although she started reading fic around the same time as me, she has read so much more.

Title:  Help Wanted

help wanted.jpg

By: jaxon22 (@sophiejax)


Why is it good?:

Do you remember the first fic you ever read?  I will never forget.  It was not that long ago that I discovered the wonderful world of fan fiction.  Imagine my delight in finding that my favorite characters could live on and on in any conceivable situation?

My first journey into fic started with what I consider a fan fic classic, Help Wanted.

Help Wanted is an all-human fic with an Edward who is damaged and arrogant, but in the redeems himself.  A Bella who is a little bit silly but is strong enough to be with Edward.  A hilarious Jasper, one of my favorite characters of the story.  An Emmett, who isn’t perfect, but he’s family, and the rest of the crew coming and going as the story progresses.

This fic is a long one, coming in at 64 chapters not including outtakes.  I didn’t mind that because I enjoyed the time I spent with the characters and the story moved along with the proper amount of humor, drama, angst and lemons.  When I say lemons, I do mean lemons.  Jaxon22 knows how to write them and they were all over this fic.  In some fics the lemons take you out of the story, but I didn’t feel that way in this one.

I can say that I love that this was my first ever fan fiction.  It set the bar high for the stories to come and opened my eyes to what fan fictions could be.  I have read other fics by Jaxon22 and have enjoyed every one of them.  Don’t let the length of this deter you, spend some time with these characters, you won’t be sorry.


Thanks for the rec, Jodi! This is another one that I started but am not done with yet. So again, take her word for it and check out Help Wanted.

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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