Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Love in My Box

I feel very blessed that I have friends willing to help me out with everything I do!

Today’s rec comes to you via Kristin (@Kdub_s).

Title: Love in My Box

Love in My Box.jpg

By: cosmoandmarvar (@Cosmogirl7481 & @marvar29)


Why is it good?: I like the idea of falling in love through emails. And I love their Edward. He is a clueless Geekward. His misunderstandings of social situations is hilarious. It’s written very well. Cosmo and Marvar are a perfect team.


I haven’t read this one yet. A lot of people have told me to read it – that it’s really funny and sweet. At 27 chapters and just under 150,000 words, I think I’m going to start this next. Thanks KDubs!

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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