Fanfiction: It’s “Forever.”

“It’s over.”

I think people like to tell me this just to be mean.


Yes, most, if not all of the hype surrounding Twilight is dead. Still, after almost a year, I will not let it go. Maybe some people consider that pathetic (shut up, YOU’RE pathetic!), but I’m not ready yet. Unlike most Twilight fans who were following the saga from the beginning or fairly early on, I only came in at the very end. I have not spent all that much time with my obsession (although hubby may disagree. Strongly.)

I don’t give a crap about latching on to “the next Twilight”. I’m not looking. I was never even looking for it in the first place. In fact, “strongly resistant” fits. I am fairly confident that this was a once in a lifetime love affair. And I don’t want it to be over. (Forever. Right?!) So where is someone like me supposed to turn?

Thank sweet baby jeebus for fanfiction!

Everybody has their reasons for reading fanfiction. I recently polled several friends. The answers varied but there were three main points that they all seemed to agree on. It gives us the characters we can’t let go of, over and over again in a plethora of incarnations. It provides an escape from reality and there is always something new and something for every taste. It has smut. *shrugs* Yes, it does. If you think Twi-Fic is for teenagers, think again.

I have my own personal reasons for reading Twi-Fic. Yes, it’s my escape. It has the fantasy my life lacks. Yes, I get to keep reading new stories about Edward and Bella and never have to say goodbye. And yes… smut. But I also use it as a kind of therapy. I am a hardcore avoider. I don’t like to deal with problems in my own life.  There is such a variety of Twi-Fic out there that I can easily pick up something with an emotional tone that mirrors how I’m currently feeling and read along as the characters work through their own issues, rather than deal with mine. It’s therapeutic.

(originally posted on Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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