Vampire Super Powers

This afternoon, I was lying in bed with my iPad, catching up on my TL when, out of nowhere, my husband came in the room all melancholy and laid down beside me and said, “Sometimes I think I’m the kind of person who is just okay at a lot of things but not really great at anything.” It immediately pulled on my heart strings. I think that of myself all the time. And I think he’s the awesomest. So I told him, “I know this might not sound like what you want to hear but I think that you are really great at being super responsible and on top of things all the time. That might not sound like a fun thing to be good at but you’re the most together person I’ve ever met in my life and it always impresses me.” He just smiled for a minute and then got up and said thanks. Actually, I don’t know if he felt better or not! Haha.

Then I got to thinking about Twilight, as I often do. I was thinking about how, according to Stephenie Meyer lore, when a person is turned into a vampire they bring their best qualities with them but they become more heightened and are sometimes turned into a supernatural “talent”. I always thought, among all his wonderful qualities, my husband’s best quality is that he is the down-to-earth, logical, prepared for anything, level-headed type of guy. (My complete opposite in that regard!) It is really astounding. I found myself wondering how that could be regarded as a vampire talent…

I’ve also always wondered what my vampiric quality would be. (I’ve heard that question asked of the stars of the Twilight movies in interviews.) I really don’t know. Possibly that I would be able to make anyone laugh under any circumstance? Or maybe that’s just what I would want it to be.

No. Teleportation. That’s what I would want it to be!

A lot of people will misunderstand the concept and just name a power that they think would be cool to have and has nothing to do with their personality. That’s cheating!

I’m interested to hear what other people think their heighten human quality turned vampire power would be…

vampire powers.JPG

(originally posted on Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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