Play My Mother#*$@ing Song!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I am a fan of the concept of a “playlist”. Cultivating a list of songs centred on a theme is something I’ve done since I was quite young. I have posted several on my blog over the years, but I recently decided that I am going to share a bunch of my really old playlists I made here too – mostly for myself for future ease of reference. Around the time that CD burning became ‘a thing’, I made a whole bunch – and I still have and fairly regularly listen to a lot of them. (Alas, I don’t really have any of my super, super old mix tapes. The thing about CDs is that, once they’re burned, they are set. Cassette tapes though can be taped over, over and over again – which I did. Poop.)

A lot of these playlists, I have on my iTunes and… I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned this a few times before… I am kind of paranoid of losing all my iTunes information again. It happened a few years ago so now I back up EVERYTHING. (Although, let’s be honest, even without losing that stuff, I’d probably still document and hoard all of it because ~that is what I do~.)

I’m old and stuck in my ways. I made the switch from tapes to CDs and then to iTunes while I was still relatively young. But now, I’ve been using iTunes for so long and use all the various functions to organize all my music the way I want it so I am most likely just going to keep using it as long as it’s still viable. iTunes is almost obsolete at this point. I guess all the cool kids are using Spotify or … whatever. I don’t know how those work. And I hate paying for subscriptions and things like that so that type of service isn’t for me.

Unlike most people (yes, I have asked), I do make use of many of the editable functions in iTunes. It’s actually pretty great for a compulsive organizer such as myself. I spend hours (AND HOURS) tweaking things. I reorder and rename songs and albums. I make sure everything is in the same sort of format/appearance. I have as much information for each file as possible – title, artist, album, track number, year, album art, lyrics, etc. And then I sort a lot of songs into playlists, obviously. So, yeah, I don’t want to lose the actual files (hence the double back up of my entire music collection I currently have) but I also don’t want to lose all of that information. It’s years’ worth of details.

THEREFORE, I like to put a lot of that crap online so that if my computer and/or hard drives crash, I can easily recopy the information from there. (Don’t talk to me about the Cloud. Free space is way too limited so I don’t use it at all for music.) My blog is the most convenient online space for me to hoard all of that stuff. I have actually gone back though my blog a bunch of times to find specific information in the playlists I’ve already posted so far. Sometimes I need the track list order or something like that. So it makes sense to me to add all the older, frequently used playlists too.

There are already a bunch sitting in my drafts but it’ll take me a long time to roll them out. I like to make things pretty. I want to add pictures and links and format everything ‘properly’. I’m not in a rush and I just want to work on them when I feel like it. And, FYI, I’ll probably backdate a few of them.

All of this preamble is basically just a forewarning to those who are subscribed to this blog because you’ll get a bunch of email alerts in chunks and all those posts will most likely not be of any interest to you.

This is all for me. 😀

*The title of this blog is a reference to the song Play by Jennifer Lopez.

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