New ASD Series

If you happen to be a follower of this blog and receive those emails telling you when I post something, you may have noticed a few back-dated entries lately. That’s because I’m doing a bit of “housecleaning” behind the scenes and I have a bunch of stuff sitting in my drafts.

The drafts include a lot of posts about autism. So, heads up… There are going to be more to come in the next few… months?

Back in 2016, when I first stumbled upon this ASD thing and started feeling that it was a possibility for me, there was SO MUCH going through my brain. I was a giant ball of thoughts and emotion (good AND bad) for a long time. In general, the way I process things is to write it all down. So I did. A lot. I always had plans to share it all on here at some point but I was waiting… (I’ve already talked about why.) The concrete answers I was looking for never came so I had to come to a point where I was comfortable with how I identify on my own. Still working on that…… BUT, I do want to share all those posts I wrote going on 5 years ago now. I read A LOT of blogs of other autistic people when I was working through all of it and it was very helpful. Maybe some of what I’ve written can be helpful to someone else.

I’m not going to be back-dating these posts. I’m just gonna throw them up there, maybe weekly or bi-weekly (or whenever I feel like it) until I run out. Just keep in mind, IF you’re reading them, the vast majority of these words were written many years ago now.  (Just a few edits or additions.)  Ideas and opinions may have changed. If you do read anything you’re curious about and are wondering if I still feel that way, feel free to ask.

And, hey, if you’re just stumbling across my blog now, looking for autism-related stuff – because I keep getting those – HI. 😊 Maybe I’ll do an ASD index tab or something for those people in particular at some point…

If you aren’t into the autism posts… don’t worry. I’m still here with my usual months of silence interspersed with Random Thoughts™️ and quizzes that no one reads and general, long-winded posts about, like, bubble tea and shit too.

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