My Corner of Shame

There is a spot that always exists somewhere in my house. It’s kind of like Monica’s closet. You may have realized over the years that I’m a little obsessive about organizing things and being fanatical with adhering to the “a place for everything and everything in its place” adage. Even my boss noted the other day how freaky I was about cleaning up and making sure everything was how it should be. He said, “You’re house must be so clean!” Ha. If only. (For the most part, organized yes. Clean… meh.)

I wonder what these people that have that idea of me would think of my little corner of shame…

I’ve lived in this house for nine years now. When we first moved in, we had an office. One of the upstairs bedrooms was set up with our PC and a desk and all my media shit. But, as things tend to do in houses, more things were accumulated and the room was taken over with Hubby’s crap. (It’s now the home of his sports collectibles and figures.)  It was also really cold in there and I wasn’t too comfortable sitting at a desk all the time. And the desktop computer finally died and we just used the laptop downstairs. At that time, I don’t think I had the same kind of crap that I do now, so ‘my space’ wasn’t as chaotic as it has grown to be.

The computer spot tended to be wherever I sat with my laptop, generally the couch, and using the printer or scanner or external hard drives or anything else related to computing would just be hooked up from the office as needed.

Then, there is the crafty part of my corner. All of the supplies I needed were kept in one of the extra room’s closests. I hardly ever used them – just the occasional birthday card or small project. Then I started making Twilight-themed stuff to sell and that blew up. The amount of space I need to do that is nuts. So that area moved from place to place too.

I finally set up a permanent spot for all of my computer-related stuff at the kitchen table for a long time. (There have been a few Instagram posts where it’s featured – such as this and this and this and this. You can literally see the mess grow.) And my craft spot was in the third of the unused bedrooms, then my bedroom, then also at the kitchen table.

The original plan for the house was to have the extra bedrooms be for the kids we never had. As time went on, the office, as I said, turned into Hubby’s collections and his music stuff, the second of the rooms was turned from ‘general dumping ground’ into my Twilight room, and the third (which had been used as Nephie’s bedroom when he stayed with us) was designated as the official guest room.


Since all three of those rooms now have specific purposes and are decorated accordingly, any remnants of ‘my shameful hoarding of things’ were moved out and downstairs to my space.

We have a room, or just a separate defined space I guess, at the front of our house that we have never had any idea what to do with. I think most people would use it as a living room but I’ve never understood the concept of two living rooms. We have our “living room” at the back, next to the kitchen, with the couch and TV and stuff. But since that area sat empty for years, we eventually added a couch but it was still basically empty. It turned out to be the right size for my craft crap.

And when we bought a new dining table, the old kitchen table with my computer set up was also temporarily moved there as well.  (Temporary because we had plans to finish the basement someday and because it is NOT the ideal place to have that eyesore right at the front of the house where it’s the first thing visitors see.)

So here it sits. And so do I. This is the place I spend most of my down time. It’s a necessary part of my daily life so I can’t just get rid of it. I took these pictures to be truthful, because there are a few things in them that could be put away (the piles of paid bills do have a home to go to and the craft stuff is not as messy when there aren’t things in production) but this is how it usually looks. My not-so-secret/out-in-the-open shame.


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