I’m So Tired

a Playlist by kmah88~

It’s no secret that I love to sleep. It’s a known fact this is a hobby of mine. But staying awake until delirium settles in is also a habit I have. My current records for staying awake and sleeping are respectively 38 and 30 hours. It would be impressive if it weren’t so gross.

I guess it just makes sense then that I would have a playlist dedicated to sleep (or the lack thereof). I think it’s fairly universal that people want to fall asleep to escape reality, can’t fall asleep when they are troubled, don’t want to wake up to face their lives, or just feel tired. There are quite a few songs Google suggested that are to do with sleep that didn’t make the cut because they didn’t fit the theme.  This list has been researched and tested to make sure each song fits the general feel I was looking for.


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1.Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?

How can I swallow so much sleep? It’s a talent.
Can you wake me up? I really wouldn’t recommend it.

2. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

This song sounds like how insomnia feels. It’s like Disney characters on uppers.
I thought it was really annoying the first few times I heard it but now I love it. This might be one of my new favourite songs.

3. The Beatles – I’m So Tired

If being tired had a sound, this song would be it. Both the lyrics and the music itself ooze the feeling of being tired.

4. Best Coast – Sleep Won’t Ever Come

When you’re lying in bed TRYING to fall asleep, and just can’t get there, it seems like you’ll never be able to ever again.

5. Jack White – I Guess I Should Go to Sleep

Sometimes, the best option is just to go to bed and sleep it off.

6. Portugal.The Man – Sleep Forever

“I just want to sleep forever
Never see tomorrow
Lead or follow”

7. The Smiths – Asleep

If you take it at face value, this song sums up the escape that sleep brings from life and depression and all the heavy things. But it also accurately relays the feelings of someone who wants to give up on life altogether. I’ve been there.

8. Cat Stevens – I’m So Sleepy

A more light-hearted sounding version of being tired.

9. Barenaked Ladies – Who Needs Sleep?

Insomnia is fun, isn’t it?

10. Bat for Lashes – The Big Sleep

Have you ever been so tired that you can barely move, or speak, or even process thoughts at all? You use up every shred of energy you have for something, and when it’s over, you crash. Exhaustion.

11. Cake – When You Sleep

I find this song amusing. Hubby is constantly moving in his sleep and I always wonder what he’s dreaming about.

12. Death Cab for Cutie – Sleep Spent

To me, this one sounds like being so drained that nothing matters anymore. Everything that seemed important before is sacrificed so that you can give in to the need to shut down.

13. Sia – I Go to Sleep (The Kinks cover)

Some people live to sleep – to dream about the things they wish they had or miss in life.

14. Blondie – Sound-A-Sleep

*I* think the sound of sleep is snoring or heavy breathing… but I don’t mind Debbie Harry trying to sing me to sleep.

15. The Strokes – Fear of Sleep

When I was little (okay, honestly, still now), I would fight sleep so that I wouldn’t miss out on anything. I was always the last to fall asleep at sleepover parties. I felt bad for the ones that fell asleep before the fun was over.

16. Joss Stone – Sleep Like a Child

Childhood – before life became so difficult, when there was nothing to really worry about, when sleep came much easier… when your mom forced you to go to bed.

17. The Postal Service – Sleeping In

“Don’t wake me
I plan on sleeping in”

18. The Beatles – I’m Only Sleeping

Sleeping is a priority in my life. I need it to recover. I enjoy it. And, like Lennon apparently, people think I’m being lazy. I don’t care.

19. Pink Floyd – A Pillow of Winds

Sleep is bliss.

20. Julie Andrews – Stay Awake

The ultimate lullaby from the world’s favourite nanny, Mary Poppins.

The rest of these aren’t on the “official” playlist, but are still worth checking out:

Bic Runga – Get Some Sleep
Cheap Trick – Sleep Forever
Cream – Sleepy Time Time
David Cook – Circadian
Devo – Deep Sleep
Donna Summer – Can’t Get to Sleep at Night
Graham Nash – Another Sleep Song
Ivy Levan – I Don’t Wanna Wake Up
James Taylor – Sleep Come Free Me
My Chemical Romance – Sleep
Pearl Jam – Let Me Sleep
Phish – Sleep
The Rolling Stones – Sleep Tonight
The Score – Don’t Wanna Wake Up
The Shins – Sleeping Lessons
The Waterboys – The Girl Who Slept for Scotland
Willie Nelson – I Didn’t Sleep a Wink
Wu-Tang Clan – I Can’t Go to Sleep

Here’s a link to the full YouTube playlist.

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