So Watcha Doin’ Today?

Something I was just thinking about: Life is better when we live it with purpose. Since I’m unemployed and don’t do much, there are days when I wake up and lie in bed for several hours, then move down to the couch or the computer and continue to sit around, not really doing anything. Nothing productive anyway. These days… aren’t so great. I end up feeling icky for being such a sloth and guilty for being so lazy. Doesn’t stop me from doing it again though. It’s like going to McDonald’s and eating a bunch of fries. You know you’re going to feel sick afterwards but you do it anyway. And you feel sick and regret it. And do it again the next chance you get. (Or is this just me and other slobby, disgusting people? LOL.)

Then there are the days that I make a plan. Depending on how I’m feeling physically and emotionally, it might not be an impressive list, but at least one or two things I want to get done. It could be some house-related tasks – cleaning, laundry, etc. – or could be something more “fun” like working on one of the many on-going projects I have. At the end of those days, when I have made a plan, followed through, and completed a task, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Another point I thought of was that not everything we need to get done in life can be fun. Sometimes when you ask someone what they’ve got planned for the day, they rattle off a list of things that are anything but fun. That’s life, right? Even in my existence of plenty and freedom, not everything I end up doing is fun, but this just makes me appreciate the times where we do something really enjoyable even more. People always assume that living like I’m on vacation all the time must be awesome. It’s not so much when it’s all there is. It’s the break in routine that is nice.  And accomplishing those mundane tasks with purpose is more fulfilling that just lounging around in vacation mode, day in and day out.

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