Old Facebook Groups

Remember back in the early days of Facebook? I used to have a “group” for people who were in my Japanese class at U of T. It lasted a little longer than the actual school year but was eventually deleted because it had the copyrighted videos they used as class material (even though it was a closed group and they were only being used by us and the videos were all available to us on our class website).

I was just thinking about this group… I created it mostly to chat with fellow students about class material and study tips, etc. There was a small group of us who met weekly to go over the lessons and help each other out. (The way first year Japanese classes are structured was that there was one lecture on Mondays which included all the 1st year students. I don’t remember how many, but it was a lot. Like 200 maybe? And then we were split into groups of about 25 for daily tutorial classes 3 more times a week. You didn’t really get a chance to know anyone who wasn’t in your section. There was only one person who was included in our study sessions and FB group who wasn’t in my section.)



I used to post these article-type-things on there. These long posts about certain course material that I found interesting or had found related material elsewhere that would give more in-depth understanding of the concepts. Granted, it was mostly for my own benefit.I really have to delve into something to truly understand it. I have to find something to relate to in order for it to stick. But some of them said it was interesting and helpful to them as well, so… yay.

Looking back on it now, I so wish I had copied these things down somewhere. (I’m actually really surprised I didn’t, with the way I hoard stuff.) They would have been nice additions to this blog. And helpful as a refresher now that Hubby and I have decided to go back to Japan again. *sigh* Hindsight…

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