Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Summer Rose

Since it’s almost the most patriotic of all American holidays, I’m gonna recommend that you read natalayx’s (@natalayx) Soldierward fic, Summer Rose. Here’s the link.

summer rose.jpg

I’m not saying ONLY Americans would enjoy this one. I’m Canadian and I liked it. And Nat herself is Australian.

I haven’t read a lot of military-oriented stories yet. Not that I have anything against them, but I just don’t get the same surge of emotion right off the bat that I find the majority of American readers do. Of course, we have our own Armed Forces in Canada, but it’s not ingrained into our social consciousness the same way. I don’t really understand that whole “duty to your country” thing. I was worried that a lack of connection to the emotions the characters feel would pull me out of the story, but that wasn’t the case. I was right there with Edward and Bella, struggling through their difficulties with them. I think that’s what stands out to me about Nat’s story. I spoke to her about this and she said it was “more of him wanting to help the innocent people in a third world country that didn’t ask for war” than a sense of duty to serve his country that made him feel compelled to join the army. I really liked that. I totally “get” that.

And I should really stop saying that I never cry when I’m reading, ‘cause I did it again. :’’’(

It’s kinds hard to believe just a picture inspired the whole thing!


sent to natalayx by packy (@_LittleLovely_) as “picspiration”

It just completed a week ago and it’s a quick read – less than 40,000 words in 16 chapters. Go read it and let her know what you thought. I personally think it’s really good and super sweet. Can’t wait to see what Nat comes up with next.

(originally posted to Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Twilight.)

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